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Internet Links


Useful Links

bullet Archives from The Psychologist - Access to archives from the monthly journal 'The Psychologist' published by the British Psychological Society.
bullet Psychminded - Useful resources for psychology and psychiatry, including job opportunities, research archive, and courses.
bulletHowStuffWorks - Everything you ever wanted to know about anything.
bulletStanford Prison Experiment - Philip Zimbardo's research on conformity.  Site features original material from the original experiment.
bulletWhichtest? - A Psychologist's online guide to selecting a statistical test.
bulletAutumn School in Cognitive Neuroscience - Annual conference at the Oxford Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience.
bullet - On-line lay psychology tests (data used for social science research and marketing data mining.
bulletInstant Anatomy - A website with illustrations of the human body to aid the learning of human anatomy.
bulletNational Statistics - UK's official National Statistics website featuring data on Britain's economy, population, and society.
bulletPsyBlog - Entertaining Psychology Blog
bulletBritish Psychological Society - Home page for the British Psychological Society.  The site contains details on applications and careers in Psychology.
bullet Captain Chemo - Comic strip and games for children with cancer.  Created by a patients from the Royal Marsden Hospital, London.  Useful approach to approach a difficult discussion topic.
bullet Sickle Psychology - Paediatric Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia service based in Brent.






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