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Highly specialised psychological services

  An individual service is offered to clients either in their own home or at the consulting rooms. Children may experience personal problems, relationship difficulties, trauma, emotional stress or issues relating to self-concept. This may be addressed with behavioural, cognitive-behavioural (CBT) and solution focused based therapies. Specialist advice, assessment and intervention is offered for developmental and acquired difficulties such as traumatic brain injury, ADHD, learning difficulties, and school attainment issues. Assessment and advice is provided regarding the necessary school based requirements to meet the child's special educational needs in mainstream or special schools.


bulletCognitive Testing - Specialist child neuropsychological assessment and recommendations for:
bulletSchool attainment
bulletHead Injuries
bulletADHD / ADD
bulletDyslexia / Dyscalculia
bulletDevelopmental delay
bulletLearning difficulties


bulletPost-traumatic Stress Disorder - Assessment and therapeutic intervention for post-traumatic stress disorder following
bulletAssaults and victims of crime
bulletWitnessing life-threatening experiences
bulletVicarious traumatisation.
bulletSpecialist experience in working with victims of mass casualty incidents such as terrorism.


bulletResilience Training - Skills based training for resilience for:
bulletEmergency services
bulletOrganisations with potential for working with mass casualty incidents (Mass transport, Social Services, schools)

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